10,813 pig lncRNA, with RPKM in 9 tissues, tissue-specific expressed lncRNA checking and classification.

19,363 pig novel lncRNA newly added, including 5710 lncRNA in Wang’s study (Scientific Reports 6:20238), 10496 lncRNA in Weng’s study (Genomics 109:446–456), 1018 lncRNA in Shen’s study (Genes 7:34) and 2139 lncRNA in Yang’s study (Hindawi Volume 2017, Article ID 6152582). Totally, there are 53,468 lncRNA records.

212,922 human and mouse lncRNA sequences for blast service, tracking overlapped SNP and QTL by JBrowse.

LncRNA expression profile

Human, mouse and pig lncRNA BLAST service

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