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Genome-wide profiling of Sus scrofa circular RNAs across nine organs and three developmental stages. DNA Res. dsx022. DOI: PDF

modified at 2017/06/08

Fixed some useful links, some Tissues-enrichment and Tissues-enhanced circRNAs are list here

modified at 2018/05/10

Please note this: the current work based on GTF 10.2.89, while now GTF was updated to GTF 11.1.92. we will update our contents soon.

modified at 2018/06/12

The porcine circRNA database (circNet) has been updated. Total records has now reached 168,292. These circRNA records were collected from 19 porcine tissues/organs. All genomic locations were referred to porcine GTF file version 11.1.

modified at 2019/05/15

Added a download link for the basic information of 168,292 circRNAs, click here to download it

modified at 2019/07/05

We published a circRNA article on porcine ovary, and these circRNAs were deposited in this database

Last modified, 2020/08/13